As science is discovering, all matter is made of energy vibrating at various frequencies. Our bodies are, therefore, vibrational energy, as are our thoughts and feelings.


Most of us use sound daily to affect our mood as we switch on the radio, listen to the MP3 player, or go out dancing. Housework is done faster, and is more fun whilst listening and singing to a favorite CD.


Sound vibrations can be healing as well as uplifting. Using Tibetan Singing Bowls, I create a blanket of sound vibrations to surround you, as you simply sit or lie comfortably and allow yourself to relax and float on the current of their etheric tones. Many people find themselves drifting into light sleep or into trance, feeling refreshed and renewed while the gentle rythmic tones harmonise, open and balance blockages within the body's auric system.

Listen to the sound of a Tibetan Bowl here.

More about Singing Bowls
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